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by Kurosawa Rei (fear_of_thedark)
at September 4th, 2006 (10:51 pm)

Who: Rei and Yuffie
What: Girl talk? Nothing too big
When: Few days ago
Where: 7th Heaven. GOD, that place is active...
Warnings: None, really. I am NOT putting out a language warning, damn it

It wasn’t exactly dusk, but damn near. Rei was heading down to a bar, something that was suddenly interesting – that might help her sleep easier at night. Without her equipment, Rei was going up the stairs, opening the door to new territory. And always, Rei was nervous when going into a new place, in fear it would be a dream. Opening it carefully, Rei peered inside, before opening the door. Cautiously, she shut it behind her, studying her surroundings...

And Rei probably saw the young Wutaian girl at the bar, head in her hands. Yuffie was not the most cheerful person right now, and Tifa had tried as hard as she could to console the poor girl, but it wasn't working. The ninja was totally confused. She'd told herself over and over that she would hate Vincent after that night in the cemetery, but she kept worrying about him and hoping he'd walk into whatever room she was in, and Yuffie was pretty much hating herself for it. And, you know, wallowing in self-pity.

She did, naturally, passing by, when everyone was out or missing. Well, that wasn’t helping Rei’s morale. She was starting to have a magnet for people in grief or sorrow. And it bothered her. It was irritating the growing tattoo. Slowly, Rei peered from the side, tilting her head when she saw Yuffie, carefully approaching.

“Are you alright?” Well, this was familiar. Hopefully she wasn’t going to be stubborn as her next door neighbor.

Yuffie jumped, looking around before spotting the other woman next to her. "What? Oh, er..." She ran a hand through her short hair, flustered. "I guess. I mean, yeah, fine, just great."

Sure she was. Rei paused, noticing her behavior, not really believing that. What was with finding the mopey company, anyway? “Are you sure?” Rei lightly prodded. “It looked like...a lot was on your mind...”

She shrugged, resting her elbows on the bar and sighing. "Er... Boyfriend problems," she said quickly. Ex-boyfriend, she reminded herself, although she made no attempt to correct the error.

At least she had boyfriend problems? Rei couldn’t exactly be bitter, but her eyes drifted downwards, to the side, remembering Yuu briefly, “Sometimes...disagreements happen.” Rei blurted out loud to Yuffie, not remembering how cautious she’d be in these situations. “I’m sorry to hear that...”

And then she wanted to say how girls should treasure their boyfriends, before they experience a lost like her’s.

Yuffie snorted. "Disagreement? This was not a disagreement." And suddenly she was angry again, but not nearly as much as she had been before. And that? Kind of confused her.

“It’s a common problem,” Rei answered to her snappy attitude with a flat, calm voice, as well as a very indifferent expression to counter it, “Unless there was something else...” It wasn’t like her to pry, but it was only Rei’s inner voice, piping up in a concerned fashion. But seeing girls upset about boyfriends? Made her think too much of Yuu.

"Whatever. Cheating deserves a punch in the face," she replied, more to herself than to Rei. And he deserved a punch in the face for confusing her this much. Why did she still care about him after he'd done something so horrible?

Cheating? Ouch. Maybe outside of the cultural bound she was in, Rei had never experienced people to be so unfaithful. And naturally, Rei looked to the side, thinking her next words carefully, “I’m sorry,” Rei muttered, still thinking of her dead lover. And back to the younger girl, Rei tried again, elegantly folding her hands in front of her, to rest on the bar, “Your...significant other wasn’t faithful?”

For your sake, I hope you’re a virgin, Rei thought inwardly.

Yuffie snorted, rolling her eyes again. "Yeah. And the jerk went for a sixteen year old. How fucked up was that?" And how fucked up was it that Yuffie was trying to pretend to be furious when she really, really wasn't?

“Sixteen?” Rei was nearly dumbfounded by that, oddly thinking of her neighbor, who was around that age, or had to be that age, “Poor girl...” Muttering again, but she shook her head on what happened. Ah, she could agree with that, to some extent, but she couldn’t assume the aforementioned man was...a ‘jerk’ in nicer terms just yet. “I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried sorting it out with him? Maybe...there was some underlying issue that you weren’t aware of.”

"Yeah, the only excuse he gave me was his demons," she said, drumming her fingers on the bar in annoyance. Okay, that truly bugged her. If he loved her as much as he always said he did, then why would he go after some girl? A demon hunter who'd tried to kill him, no less.

Rei had to stare blankly, before she knew how to reply that, “...Demons?” Wait, what? That was new, but.... “That shouldn’t be an appropriate excuse. There can’t be-“ But Rei reminded herself of her strange tattoo, that anything could be possible at this rate.

"Yeah, well, I guess Vincent is just an asshole." And again, she was saying this more to herself than to Rei, as if to convince herself that he really was and that she didn't love him anymore. Yeah, that was really working.

Rei was tempted to shake her head, maybe even giving her own little disagreed look, but held her dignity, “You really don’t mean that, do you?” Come on, she couldn’t. Rei still questioned it, the whole scenario, even from someone who barely knew what was going on. But this was coming from a woman who believed anything could be worked out, brought into focus. Sorta like photography. “You’re angry now...but if you aren’t careful...that anger and resentments could chase him away. Who is to say he didn’t seek out a younger girl for that reason alone...” She bit her tongue, knowing she said too much that time.

She turned sharply, regarding the other girl warily. "I never pushed him away. If anything it was always him brooding and blaming himself for everything."

“You misunderstood me,” Rei continued in her monotonous tone, that could equal Vincent. For such a sharp tone that was directed at her, Rei managed to remain a peaceful calm, nearly blocking all thoughts of Yuu out, “I never said that...but if you continue acting so snappy, shunning him, that will push him away. If you don’t figure out why he sought out this younger girl, you’ll never know how to fix your relationship. Being unfaithful is inexcusable, but everyone deserves chances for their mistakes...”

"He said that the demons inside of him pushed him to do it," she said softly, trying to convince herself it was a good enough answer. "And..." God, this was so stupid. She was talking to a complete stranger. "I'm not trying to shun him," she said suddenly, shaking her head and looking away. Leviathan, this sucked.

Rei gave a sort of disapproving noise at that. Demons? Right. Still skeptical as ever, she was trying to look pass that, “If that were true, then guaranteed you mean more to him than this girl, this child practically,” Rei found it odd to be consoling a stranger, and overlooked it. Hell, the girl was so shunning him, by acting like this, “You haven’t tried sitting down and talking to him? What if...some thing were to happen to him and you could never talk to him again? What will you do?”

Another shake of the head. "I talked to him a few days ago. He's been... He said something about a weird tattoo." And Yuffie had dropped a bomb without even knowing it. "I'm afraid," she admitted, sighing and resting her forehead on the bar. The more she talked, the more idiotic she felt.

The color from Rei’s face nearly drained, drawing a hand to her mark, she shut her eyes for a few seconds, feeling a twinge of pain to her back, but ignored it. It was that man in the cemetery. And the one she saw from her dreams...

From that little girl...

“Why are you so afraid...?” Rei faded off, feeling that sharp pain. The tattoo reacted to hearing about this, the guilt Rei had for even spreading it.

She didn't notice Rei's discomfort, raising her head and wringing her hands instead. "'Cause I don't want to lose him," she said quietly, focusing on the patterns in the wood of the bar. Stupid. She was afraid to lose him but afraid to be with him. What the hell was she supposed to do?

“Then...you shouldn’t waste so much time,” The discomfort was coming through Rei’s voice, having the tattoo crawl down to her arm now. Rei quickly covered it, taking one step of a foot back, “Sort your problems out...fight for your relationship if you have to.” It was still growing, still reminding her of Yuu and her blame for giving this tattoo out. It was her fault the dreamworld was here.

Yuffie looked up, finally noticing Rei's pain. "Hey, you okay?" She asked, standing up hesitantly and taking a step closer. Luckily Yuffie didn't see the tattoo or she probably would've freaked.

Rei hesitated, pulling back, holding her side now. And then? Yes, the tattoo was starting to show, crippling Rei in her movements, holding on, “Don’t...don’t touch it...” She mumbled, knowing full well she could not hide it further. “It’s nothing...!”

Of course Yuffie reached out to steady her anyway. What the hell? It was just a bruise. And then she noticed the winding, snake-like pattern. "What the hell...?" She murmured softly, ignoring the woman's warning and slipping her arm under Rei's shoulders. "We should get you to a hospital."

“No!” Rei pulled back, having the tattoo come down her arms fully now; she was in pain, but she wasn’t going to let anyone else become curse, “Don’t touch it!” Rei continued, backing away, but now she was becoming exhausted suddenly, dropping her head in her hand, “...Yuu...” She muttered, having more than just physical pain arise.

She rolled her eyes, feigning bravery. "Since when are scary tattoo bruise things contagious? I'm not leaving you hear alone." And with that she held out her hand. "Come on."

“This one is!” Rei was backing away now, like Yuffie could cause her more harm, even when it was starting to crawl up her neck, “I take it that man...the man I met out the cemetery was...your boyfriend. And that girl next door...they all have it...” Rei muttered. She backed so far, she was up against a wall, drooping down when she was becoming too tired to walk...

Her eyes narrowed at this but she said nothing, continuing to approach the woman. "I don't care. I'm not going to let you get hurt. Come on. I'll be fine."

Of course, Rei pulled herself back up sharply, already heading away from Yuffie, “Don’t...don’t...” She sighed, trembled, even, before continuing away, having it come crawling up near her cheeks, “If you do...you won’t be able to wake up.” Pausing, when she glanced away, back on Yuffie, “You need to stay awake. Talk to him...or it’ll consume him.”

Now Yuffie took a step back, taking Rei's advice finally. "Won't wake up...? What is this thing?"

Pulling back up, Rei continued, barely able to stand now, holding her sides, “I don’t know...” She informed Yuffie honestly, having her strength waver. She was still having difficulty standing, battling exhaustion, “All I know is...someone hast to be there...so we can wake up...”

Yuffie bit her lip. "Wake up? What are you talking about?" Okay, now she was getting scared. What if Vincent never woke up? What if he really thought she hated him? She hesitated and then sighed. "What'll stop it?"

Exhaustion was creeping up again, as Rei fluttered her eyes to stay awake. The cold feeling was washing over her again, nipping at her once more, as if it could be snowing outside, “Don’t...let him fall asleep...” She continued, having to battle, “...It never stops.” Now it was getting hard to stay awake, let along answer coherently. “Yuu...I’m so sorry!” Tears were peeking up in Rei’s eyes, thinking of Yuu.

Who the hell was Yuu? But now Yuffie was beside Rei again, hand on her arm now, not caring that she might get it. Her top priority was helping this woman. "H-hey! Don't collapse on me!" She ordered shakily.

Too late. Rei muttered, calling for her dead lover, before she finally gave up, collapsing on the ground. The tattoo halted at her cheeks, as Rei was now in deep sleep. The tattoo had stung her so badly, she passed out f rom the pain...

But now? Well, inwardly Rei could only hope and pray that someone would wake her.

And Yuffie tried, really she did. They weren't supposed to go to sleep... Right? The ninja kneeled on the ground next to Rei, shaking her shoulder and... Well... Pretty much freaking out. Would this happen to Vinnie? "H-hey! Wake up! Come on! Please?"

Rei wasn’t waking up automatically, being sucked further and further in her nightmares, out cold, but the tattoo was starting to retreat. Slightly...

Someone...but...Yuu was still there. Sad to say Rei passed out near the exit.

She noticed this and shook Rei harder, with both hands now, nearly shouting. "Wake up! Come on! You've gotta!" Was it possible to wake them up once they'd passed out...?