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calledmalcovich [userpic]
by calledmalcovich (calledmalcovich)
at September 5th, 2006 (11:00 am)

Who: Byakuya and Margarete
What: Margarete suspects affiliation with her enemy of Byakuya. In his weakened state, she pointlessly interrogates him.
When: Started a while ago and finished today. Umm. So I'll say a few days ago or something. >.>
Where: Hotel in Cordova
Warnings: None

After a fair amount of detective work and questioning, Margarete felt like she was back at work once again. She took a great deal of pride in her data collection skills, and she knew that they would be more than enough to lead her to the mysterious man from Old Desai. Needless to say, her knowledge did reach it's limits when she reached the front desk of the hotel. "I swear, he's a great friend of mine! C'mon, how can't you trust a face like mine?" she queried flirtatiously, the man at the front desk showing little empathy and still declining her request for Byakuya's room number. Peering up the staircase, Margarete slipped away from the glance of the concierge, beginning what would prove to be an interesting search. "He doesn't have a chance if he's with those blithering idiots," Margarete murmured to herself. Raising an eyebrow, she faced a long hallway lined with doors. "Even if it takes a while."

Byakuya wasn't feeling much improved, having spent a day or two lying on his hotel bed. Soul Society would see to the cost, he'd already sent a hell butterfly back to them, informing them of his situation. He was still pale and his legs felt weak and trembled each time he tried to stand. But he had to, he had to conquer whatever this was in his blood that was preventing him from returning to his spiritual form and discharging his duty. But then again, he was meant to be taking time away from all of that, and Hitsugaya-taichou was still in the area... even so, he wasn't able to relax fully. He decided to chance a walk -- even though, the last time he'd tried he hadn't been able to make it even to the elevator -- and stepped shakily out into the hallway.

Margarete watched him step out of one of the rooms, her job simplifying at least twofold by eliminating the task of searching each room. Glad that she did not have to don any sort of disguise and spend an indefinite amount of time prying about, Margarete watched Byakuya stumble out of his room from the corner of her eye. To say that she was shocked was an understatement, particularly after watching the man leap from rooftop to rooftop. It was clear that the last thing the dark-haired Shinigami needed at the moment was the questioning of a certain blonde-haired spy. Deciding that he was exempt from her questioning if only for a bit, Margarete thought it could prove to be a benefit to know what had happened to the man. Getting in earshot distance, Margarete informally greeted the ailing man. "Well, gee. I knew I should have stayed and helped you out back in Old Desai."

"... you." The Kuchiki heir's gaze shot upward, but lacked its usual piercing intensity. Was she following him? Did she have something to do with James and the poison that now struck him nigh-useless? Was she a spy for him, reporting back all that she had seen so that the bastard could laugh from the safety of wherever he'd hidden himself? "... what are you doing here?" His deep voice issued the question, tone as firm as ever, at least that hadn't changed.

As proud of a spy as Margarete happened to be, she would rather sell her precious semi-automatic collection or commit treason against her country before helping somebody as twisted and derranged as James happened to be. Assuming the same of Byakuya, Margarete determinedly crossed her arms, the white lab coat open as it usually was. Her first objective would be to discoved what happened to Byakuya, no easy task. She'd bring up the Japanese Army later, her prior questions leading into it. Sounded like a sound yet tedious task. "Here to ask some questions," she responded cooly. "Though I'd benefit from knowing just what happened to you, if at all possible. Kind of strange to see you on level ground instead of looking up."
"Fine." Questions could reveal just as much about her as they would about him, even if he told her the truth about anything, including his reason for being here or his involvement in the world in general. There were some things that mortals didn't need to know. And he was sure that the woman wouldn't believe him if he told her what he was. Byakuya turned back to the room, gesturing for her to follow with one quick motion of a hand.

Black boots clicking as she followed Byakuya, Margarete found her present situation all too easy. If the man chose to play dumb, she would have to sleuth around a bit more. She knew the Japanese Army better than she knew some of her associates, mainly because they chose to stay just as secretive as herself. Therefore, she figured that it would be simple to tell if the man was lying or not. Closing Byakuya's door, Margarete took the liberty to seat herself in a rather comfortable looking chair that most hotels in Cordova provided. "So," Margarete said, hiding her usual whimsy. "Care to tell me what happened? I thought you could track the things that crawl around Old Desai."
Byakuya sat at the other chair across from her, a round table between them. "I can. What happened to me was not rooted in those creatures, but something that resembles a human far more."

Taking in the information, Margarete grew more suspicious. The search for anything or anybody to empower the opposing empire did not stop. Byakuya could possibly have offended or failed his country one too many times and earned himself some sort of magical seal or curse on him. It was all Margarete needed to hear. "I knew it. Tell me; are you, or have you ever been, associated with the Japanese Army? There's no use in lying. I refuse to let Kawashima get away with this, or let her gain any more power."

He raised a brow slightly, having not expected that kind of reaction from her. "And if I am?" The Kuchiki responded, watching for the minute changes in her demeanor, which would tell as greatly as her words would.

The man was carefully giving responses that gave away as little as possible, to Margarete's dismay. Though it was not easy for the energetic woman, she was too wrapped up and serious to even consider a change of mannerism. "For me to know and you to find out." Taking the possible solider captive would give her country an unmatched advantage, forcing him to reveal any information that he had. Not like she way telling Byakuya this. "No need to be difficult about it. You'd know better than myself that alleging yourself with my country is better than Kawashima's side kicks ripping you to shreds."

And why would I be in danger of being ripped to shreds?" He sat back in his chair, folding his hands over his abdomen, mostly to conceal the fact that they were trembling slightly.

Slight frustration was setting in, as Margarete did little to help herself. Just because she had dud up information on Kawashima's actions towards her subordinates did not at all mean that the subordinates themselves would know about them. Byakuya could easily have been a Japanese soldier, or a slightly threatened and confused person that was idly moving through the conversation. Resting her chin on her palm, Margarete let out a soft sigh. "That's right. She wouldn't mention why those men were 'deported' to the likes of you. Or, your just wasting my time and yours and you have nothing to do with this mess. In which case, I'll gladly leave you to recovering." The latter was not the entire truth; if she felt that the man was even slightly lying to her, she would continue searching for the answer. Furthermore, he just may have acquired more knowledge than he should have. Margarete didn't know enough about the man to tell if he could use it for bad intent, if he was not a Japanese Army member.

"If I knew to which 'mess' you were referring, I could perhaps have a clearer grasp of the information you so dearly desire." The shinigami captain said, watching her with a distant and cold air about him. "The likes of me, indeed." If she knew, she wouldn't fling her words about so easily and carelessly.

It seemed like Margarete was at fault. The man was clearly not going to relinquish any knowledge, and it was common for the Japanese to crack under pressure. As cold and distant as he was, Margarete had just about every opposing soldier after her. He could easily have been hiding behind an unknowing facade, ready to call reinforcements due to his feeble condition. "Taking the Elliot girl. Your country wants to be stronger by using the supernatural, and she was far from normal. " The truth of the matter was that Margarete did not know everything. She knew a great deal, but before she could look any further the Fengtian mission neeeded to be completed. Thus landing her in Desai."Hee hee. If only the rest of that army could be as vague as you. Then they’d be in business."

Byakuya put a hand to his brow, closing his eyes for a moment. The pain came and went, spasms through his muscles, keeping him tied to this false body. That man was up to something, and he was powerless. "... I will be frank with you, madame, since I am rapidly losing patience with this dance. Whatever it is you wish to find here, you are looking in the wrong direction."

Margarete's mind was basically made up. The man did not seem like he was a Japanese soldier. She trusted very few in the world, and without solid validification she could not entirely trust Byakuya. However, he would have made some sort of attack at this point, preferrably before he landed himself into the weakened state. "Malcovich. No need for formalities," she said, albeit the tense predicament she put the man into. "Clearly, you would have done something by now if you were any threat to me." Though he knew quite a bit of information at that point, it would be useless to him. And if he did appear to be more than what he claimed, she would not allow him to use what he knew. It was relieving to know that no Japanese influence had befallen Desai yet, but she would stay on guard. "You could have just said that in the first place. At any rate, we can't have my being here slow down the recovery process." Standing up and pushing in her chair, Margarete thought for a moment before continuing. "Hmm. I'm sure this won't be the last time we'll see each other! Don't do anything rash while I'm gone, now." Giggling at her sarcasm, it was a statement coming from one of the most reckless of people around.

"... I trust next we meet you won't waste my time again." The Kuchiki said flatly. "Or there will be a consequence."

Margarete lowered a brow. "You would've done the same thing, if it meant protecting yourself. But I'll have to admit. I wouldn't exactly want to be an enemy of yours." Not as if Margarete would sit around if news spread of Byakuya pulling anything. Still, he was powerless at that moment. Her interrogation proved useless. "See you around then, Mr.." Did she ever discover this man's name? She did not recall once hearing or discovering it. It would certainly be no detriment to know at this point. "Well. Never quite got around to asking your name."

"All I wish to accomplish now is to remove -that- man from the ranks of society, before he causes me more inconvenience." Not before wringing the truth from him of how he was able to trap him so. "You may call me Kuchiki, if you must." He doubted her outsider tongue could manage the name properly. Byakuya rose from the chair, took two steps toward the window, and faltered, going to one knee as his legs crumpled under him.

"Ah, right. That crazy guy," Margarete said, referencing the bloodthirsty James. "Kuchiki, then. Try not to miss me too much!" No sooner as she turned her heel to leave, a noise sounded from behind Margarete. Peering over her shoulder, the man had fallen to the ground. Shaking her head back and forth, Margarete walked over to the window, offering her hand. Even if Byakuya was somehow, someway the bad guy? She was strong believer in the old idea of keeping friends close and enemies closer"Of course, you need to live long enough to get rid of that guy. I'd recruit help, if I were you. But I guess he's not one of those invisible types, no?"

"... I'm not likely to die." That wasn't what James wanted... or so it seemed. He just wanted the shinigami on the sidelines, for whatever he was planning. "Do not concern yourself on my account." He said briskly, but took the offered hand, leaning on her a little more than he would have liked to.

And Margarete gladly took Byakuya's advice. "Hee hee. I'm not getting involved with that guy." That was the last thing that she needed. Helping the man get to his feet, Margarete made sure that he was not about to crumble over again and left. It would be interesting to explain herself to the concierge, but she was not overly concerned.