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Zack Wylde [userpic]
by Zack Wylde (buster_blade)
at September 6th, 2006 (09:10 pm)

current mood: calm

Who: Zack & Lady
What: Gettin it on........Nah, just talking
When: Hmmmm....Today, bout 5 or 6
Where: Upper Desai, apartment area where Lady lives
Warning: Light Language, I think

Okay, so it was warm out, Lady was coming back from getting food, just from parking her motorcycle not too far off, from the collective garage...or whatever the hell that was. Aside from the sudden boy troubles and the occasional shooing away the local brats in the building, Lady was trying to have a normal daily working routine, planning on just one rare time to relax and probably go out hunting? She wasn't sure. The girl in her maroon boots, shorts, and a handgun barely visible, was tucked in the back. And naturally, Lady pulled her head back and sighed, hearing some of the kids nearby on the sidewalk.

"Its going to be a long night..."

Amongst the kids, was a young man, holding a large sword out to them. He swung it around his head a couple of times as some of the eager youngsters ooed and aahed.

Alright, something outside of bickering and a few children murmuring stopped Lady in her tracks. Taking time to pass one of the older fathers in the building, curiously, Lady peered off in the corner. What the fuck was with people and swords? Oh, but Lady carried a large cannon...she wasn't one to talk. Putting her hands on her waist, she stopped for half a minute, before casting a very indifferent look, passing Bobby, that chubby little boy from the building. He nearly crashed into her, before Lady put her hands on his shoulders.

"Hey, careful, there. I don't want your mother eating me if you get hurt." Which wasn't directed towards the woman's figure. Honest. Naturally, the boy shrugged it off, heading over to the guy with the sword. Lady snorted to herself in amusement.

A few of the girls gasped when Zack tossed the blade in the air and caught it easily once again, smirking as they murmured some more. He gave a couple of the kids a pat on the head, catching sight of Lady out the corner of his eye. He gave her a small wave and looked back to the kids.

"I think some of you need to get going, isn't it time for dinner?" This of course lit the face of Bobby, the rather....circular boy, and he took off with a quickness possessed only by the wind. Zack blinked and stared as the boy ran off, an almost comical mix of shock and amusement on his face as the other children followed behind Bobby.

Naturally, a very skeptical Lady stopped again, catching the wave, but didn't say anything to it. Yet. So she was overly cautious around men, so what? Who'd blame her after all the weird shit this week, she'd act so strangely. The children on the block were easier to deal with as far as she was concerned. Again, lingering there for a while, Lady forced herself to move on, not before giving another hand to her back, checking the weapon for the safety to be on.

Oh, hey, the kids were leaving. Great. It was getting quiet again...

Zack sheathed his weapon, the Ragnarok, and turned to face Lady, approaching her and sticking out his hand. "Name's Zack." If Lady didn't like the quiet, then she definitely met the right person. He smiled disarmingly and looked down at her feet, blinking. "Nice boots." He looked back up, wearing what seemed to be a usual attire of a black tank top with matching black pants and boots.

He so needed to shop.

"Uhh..." Lady drew a blank to what to counter that, even the handshake. Friendly guys and Lady? It confused her greatly, since she worked hard to become a ‘bitch' in their eyes. At least it didn't leave her blushing or biting her lip as a nervous reaction. Or forcing eye contact on his shoulder. "Hi...and thanks," Lady commented wearily, without her usual hard tone, still cautious as ever. Hey, he did make her stop and whatever reason he felt like stopping Lady in her tracks couldn't be that bad. Or so she hoped.

"No problem." He replied easily, bringing his hand back to his side as he looked at her nose. Blinking, his eyes swept over her body, taking in whatever scars were visible to him. "Get in some kind of accident?" He asked curiously.

Lady tried her best not to take that personally, as it was just a question. And here she stopped herself from reacting in a defensive way, "I guess you could say that." Lady assumed it was about her scars. She wouldn't sit there and explain that most of them were from...well, that incident so long ago. She could care less about her scars, anyway. She was going to get more of them down the road with her line of work.

He nodded some, figuring that was bout as good an answer as he was going to get. She seemed like one of those secretive people. He loved those types. "So, what do you do then? You look kind of young....you go to school or something?"

Oh, yes. Lady was very secretive...too much for her own good, even. It was nice to know that someone didn't prod her further about it. Maybe they assumed it was a horrible accident? Standing there, a arm wandered up to the other, where she placed a hand on it, "...I study off on the side. I don't go to a school currently. I live alone, so I have to support myself right now." She had dropped out of school, nearly months ago, earning her way through jobs, while getting her high school diploma on the side...for now.

"Oh, that's cool." He looked at her eyes, and stared for a brief moment, not wanting to be too rude, but scratching his head some. "You wear contacts or something?"

That was a new reaction to her heterochromia, which only gave a slow blink in response to the question about her eyes. Having these questions directed towards her appearance would bother her later. And everyone asked about her eyes, Lady shouldn't be so surprised or worried, "No...it's heterochromia – a genetic markup that causes eyes to be two different colors. I was born with these eyes..." And how she hated her eye color, too. The exact same coloring of her father's.

"I like them....the red and blue seem so bold. They stand out big time." He looked away and chuckled lightly. "Sorry bout that, hope I'm not bothering you too much."

Sure, bold. Lady always wished she had her mother's hazel eyes – at least that would be semi-normal. Next to the scar on her nose, that had to be the most sensitive thing about her appearance.

Oh, really? Here came the sudden disapproving, snarky thoughts in Lady's head, soon to be cut out after the apology, "S'nothing, "Lady replied, shifting in her boots, folding her arms across her chest, "Everyone asks that...nearly everyone...I'm fine. Honest."

Another nod from Zack, even though he could tell she didn't like that. "If you don't like it, just say so." One thing Zack was not, and that was the type that covered up how they felt. If something bothered him, then it did, and he would so it. "You sure....um....girl?" He thought for a moment before following that up so it wouldn't seem like he was knocking the obvious fact she was young.

"What a mean is, I don't know your name, so...."

"Call me ‘Lady'," She could give him that much. Instantly, Lady shifted, raising her head again, earning her a little more of a casual tone in her voice, "I'm fine. I used to get picked on a lot for my eyes, so I am a little sensitive about them. That's all. I don't let it bother me anymore..." She could at least appreciate the kindness. Hey, nice guys were a plus and Lady couldn't be outright nasty to this Zack just yet.

"Sorry to hear that. You ever beat em up for it?" He asked, smirking some and crossing his arms over his chest. She looked like a little scrapper, not in an expert form, or even an artist. Maybe a brawling type?

Lady let out a humorous scoff, having a smirk barely touch her full lips, "Ha, no, that wouldn't be fair," Lady shook her head, now forcing herself to look back, letting her hands find themselves back on her waist, "It wouldn't be fair to them, anyway. No one's dumb enough to question my eye color now."

He decided not to point out that he had just asked about it not that long ago, and instead gave her a grin. "So, you're a fighter. Got a weapon?"

"A demon hunter," Lady couldn't deny that part, stopping another full smirk on her face – smiling was too hard, and it couldn't be shown, "I do have weapons. A lot of them...but only one is on me now."

So I can keep freaks away, Lady backed up her statement mentally. She wasn't carrying her cannon around in fear of Vincent now, thank god.

"Oh, that's awesome. Do you do flips and stuff in the air and use fancy equipment?" He leaned forward some, not too far though, just enough to let her know she had snagged his interest.

And now Lady was slightly modest, sheepishly touching the back of her head, the short hair when nervous, "Ah, I suppose I have to be quick about when I fight..." Flips and all that came naturally since she was so active in gymnastics when she was so young. Wow, people. So he became interested, which automatically resulted in Lady becoming a little more modest, to where she relaxed greatly, showing it in her shoulders. Lady was never one to brag, "All I use are explosions, guns, and my cannon."

"Wow." Zack sounded truly impressed, that and if he knew she had a bit of flexibility to her because of gym, he'd be even more interested. "A cannon? That sounds pretty sweet."

"Heh," Lady forced a weary chuckle out of her lips again, trying not to be so modest and shy all of the sudden. Again – no bragging this time, "Ah, never met anyone so interested...in hunting...outside of demon hunters. What about you? With that sword?" Anything to shift the conversation off of her.

"I'm different from other people." He told her, clearly pleased with their discussion. "I used to be in a big military thing, I was pretty much second best, but there's a big time story behind all of that."

Continuing her shifty response, Lady continued, having her eye contact dart off again when uncomfortable. Well? That was something. It would be nice to find another demon hunter, so she wouldn't feel so...out of place, "Uh huh," Lady commented nonchalantly, "...Were you...in some sort of military?" Lady asked, hoping to get the conversation off of her.

"Yup, the best." Zack said proudly before frowning slightly. "Wasn't what I thought though, so now I'm a mercenary, so if you ever need help demon hunting, I'd be happy to help."

On the demon hunting again. Just because she was so young, didn't mean she couldn't handle herself. Lady liked working alone. Hell, she was still trying to be nice, "Ah," Lady continued, brushing her black hair, some of it, behind her ear. She was looking greatly relaxed, having her company being so friendly and not...well, brooding. "I'll keep that in mind. That's kind of you...But you can probably find anything out here...there's all sorts of creatures."

"Is there?" He seemed excited, eager to make some money. "Any of em strong?" He asked, trying to think of where she would keep her one weapon on her at. He looked down at her feet, wondering if one was tucked in her boots and making a mental note that she had nice legs.

"Where is your weapon? Is it behind you or something?"

"Heh," Another tight uncomfortable chuckle escaped her lips, "Yeah, there could be...you just have to know where to look for them." Hopefully, he didn't know about the supposed man-eating demon that was Vincent. Here, Lady pulled out her handgun, from the back of her short shorts, "Only this," Lady had it out, looking at it before back to him, "But it's a force of habit, you see. There are some unpleasant people I rather not have walk over me."

"That's right, just cuz you're cute doesn't mean people can walk all over you. You gotta tell em you're cute with a tude!" He looked at her gun, never understanding how someone could use them really, but he assumed it was handy in keeping things at a distance. He looked back up at her and smirked, looking as he always did....completely harmless.

Cute? Okay, Lady couldn't see that, aside from Vincent? Fuck, she had to stop thinking of references of him, since she was sure she wasn't going to see him...soon. And it didn't really boost her modest ego, even after being called ‘cute'. How anyone could put up with her more than ten minutes was beyond her. "Ah...right," Lady continued, with less of a hard attitude for her, "Everyone needs to keep their backs, anyway." Lady forced a return smirk, "Thanks...I suppose..."

"Oh sure." He replied calmly, leaning against a wall. Zack was all about giving out compliments to the ladies anyway, though this particular one looked young. He was sure the age difference wasn't that bad though.

Idle chatter was terrible. Lady was never good at it, lowering her head just a bit, passing some of her ebony hair out of her eyes that came up. It was hard to at least force interest in conversing. Returning to some sort of laid back air, "...Do you...live around here?"

Oh, god. This was getting stupid and she sounded stupid, more than likely.

He nodded. "Not too far off from here, actually." He eyed her some before speaking again. "Y'know, you seem like one of those people who always keep to themselves." She seemed to have trouble with just asking if he lived in the area, so it was clear she wasn't used to socializing a whole lot, if at all.

Ugh, it was so true. Lady was more used to being by herself, and considering she only conversed with Hotaru and Kadaj decently spoke volumes of her social skills. She was too limited. "Yeah," Lady lowered her gaze, speaking how just unusually uncomfortable she became with the observation, "All there is work, that's all. No people..." Except a few run-ins, but that was all Lady had, "I don't know people well enough out here."

"Well...." So he was right about her. He tapped his chin thoughtfully before continuing. "I hope we get to know each other well enough, you don't seem all that bad." Another disarming smile.

"Ah..." Lady continued darting her eyes backwards, but regained that confidence she had, "Alright..." Heh, sure mentioning Kadaj wasn't going to help her, any. Wasn't this the guy Cloud was looking for originally? "I don't mind at all...Zack."

Naturally, Lady's full lips stayed normal, without her harsh scowl or glare. Well, he seemed presentable enough for her not to make any radical judgments.

Lady would more than likely never have a problem with Zack, he was just that cool. "I bet you're cool to spar with." He said randomly after watching her for a second.

"Spar," Lady began skeptically, pushing off from where she was leaning. Without breaking the newfound eye contact, those strange dual colored eyes were still on him. Every action could be questionable to Lady. She never actually sparred too much...if anything. When had she, without using gymnastics? Or was this some sort of excuse just to wrestle with a girl?

Yeah, nice try, "Maybe...I really don't spar."

"I'm harmless, I swear. You can ask anyone that knows me....but I guess you got a problem with guys?" He tilted his head to the side and blinked, interested in what her answer would be.
Oh ho. Truer words have never been spoken, just as Lady withdrew her hands from her crossed arms, defensively taking a step back. Yeah, that was too much to explain, but there was the next best answer, "Ah, maybe. Just a few...guy troubles recently..." That was true, "That's it. It's nothing...Honest."

Zack blinked. "If it's nothing, why'd you take a step back?" He scratched the back of his head in confusion, still keeping his eyes on her.

Still going with her quick and partial truth of an excuse, Lady just stopped shifting around for a while, with her eyes cast down lower, "Because...that guy really confused me if he— it's stupid. That's all. I don't know..."

Great, what was this about age and being a teenager? No, she wasn't going to live up to it. Amazing how much she could be reduced to a shifty teenager, when confronted about her odd behavior. But there was a deep routed trauma that held her back with the male gender — not that she would explain it.

"Oh, I gotcha. Well, we all have those kind of problems really. So, what makes you think staying away from him helps things?" Zack sat down on the ground and looked up at her, all ears if need be.

He was good at this sort of thing.

Stay away? Didn't that seem like the best option for her to begin with? Jesus, every time Lady bumped into him, something bad happened — or this was her thought process. And when he took a seat, Lady repositioned herself, leaning against the wall, "Heh, if you say so...doesn't help the guy already has a girlfriend, you know? He seems pretty happy with her..." Lady faded off, having some sort of disapproving tone come from her. "Avoiding him seems like the best idea at the moment..."

"Ah, a taken man, that sucks." He thought for a moment, whistling to himself as he listened to her. "You know, I've gotten girls away from their guys before....ever made a move on him?"

Cue the blushing from Lady, turning her head away, and then back onto him, shaking her head, "N-no...!" Lady responded differently, just like a normal teenager would. "W-what...would be the point of all that?" Exasperated? Kinda. Though a perspective from a guy might have been helpful to solve Lady's confusion and weariness.

Zack had been watching her out of the corner of his eye, but her stuttering told him all he needed to know. "Well....it lets him know you like him, first off. Nothing says you're interested like making a move....unless him and this girl of his are tight."

Yeah, Lady knew fully well her violent denial and stuttering didn't help, which caused her to stiffen yet again, crossing her arms across her chest. It derails me from work – relationships are so petty, Lady reminded herself. God, girly feelings were useless and it was stupid to begin with. No one looked at her that way, "I don't know," Lady repeated, her voice hardening to a degree, as she was turning into a block of wood now, "W-w-why...do such a thing? He doesn't think of me that way....that isn't fair to anyone..."

"Oh." He watched her, it was odd how she was behaving, like she was....His face lit up. "Has he made a move on you?"

Lady responded to his face lighting up with a hard look, overcoming the change in her color. And that? Took her a long time to reply. Too long. Watching the rest of the people come in and out from the doors, having one or two occasions of the two kids screaming at each other, and her next door neighbor, an older Japanese woman come back home.

"...M-maybe..." Lady finally blurted out, forcing herself to reply, "I guess...I don— it has to be nothing. Why would anyone make a move on another girl when they’re seeing someone...else?"
If Zack really knew her, this is where he'd thwap her on the head. So instead, he did the next best thing, which was hopping up and tapping her shoulder lightly. "You're kidding right? Why would he make a move unless he...." Zack trailed off so she could put the rest together.

Who could blame her? She was clueless in this area and having an open conversation with someone about it didn't help. Especially since they were a man. And having him tap her on her shoulder rose Lady's suspicious and paranoid nature, looking down at her shoulder, as he placed the statement before her.

A blank sentence was all Lady got out, with avoiding eye contact. Only a few seconds later, the poor girl got it, "N-no!" Lady nearly jumped back, like Zack himself proposed it. "What kind of person – why would you do that if you were seeing someone? It doesn't make any sense."

"It happens, sad but true. So, this guy has tried something....does his girlfriend know?" He smirked lightly, slightly amused by her reactions thus far. Kids.

Lady was far from a kid in this scenario, proudly, rather huffily putting her hands on her hips again, "She just found out..." Poor Yuffie, or something. Whatever. "So that's why I'm avoiding him. Anything else too complicated to deal with. I don't see why anyone couldn't be loyal and faithful to someone, so they don't hurt them. You know, that must hurt, having someone betray you. I know my moth–"

And Lady abruptly cut herself off when she knew she mentioned too much in her tangent.

Zack arched an eyebrow, but didn't question it. "Well, I guess you don't like him enough then....or you're just scared to make a move." He eyed her hands on her hip. "You let him make all the moves, didn't you? Good way to keep the blame off of you."

Defensively, Lady drew back, crossing with a very harsh look, yet again, "What am I supposed to do, hmm? I liked it better when I didn't have to worry about these stupid little things. And since when it just that I'm supposed to do something? I don't know what I'm doing..."

It's too hard to get close again, Lady thought to herself, daring not to explain just the trauma of allowing people to touch her again. But she'd allowed so much...now she was just sounding hypocritical. "I shouldn't like someone that-" Oh, god damn it. Lady shut her eyes firmly, before opening them again, "I never...and I really shouldn't...I don't-" Lady threw her hands up in the air in frustration. Kicking the chain link fence in her small tantrum, "Why is it so hard to understand sometimes I don't know what the hell I'm doing?!"

"Oh, I understand it....this little fit you're throwing is only showing that you need to go see him about it. Running away from something solves nothing." He nodded in an almost sage like manner, and didn't seem at all disturbed by how she was acting.

Such was the way of The Zack.

God, even Maria said for Lady to quit running away from things. And now? Lady was actually wishing she'd explain what the hell was going on, before she...vanished. Rolling her eyes, just before turning back, she tried again, "And do what? See him again? Get even more confused? Fuck, this guy is just as bad as me for being so brooding and weird..."

Oh, how she wanted to run away. Run away from all her problems, because they were so hard to deal with now...

"Make your move while you still can. You can't just let stuff like this sit, it isn't good for you." Another nod.

Make a move. Right. Wasn't that a bad thing...?

God, what the hell was she going to do? Just the idea of touching or cuddling someone made Lady's skin crawl — and demons had little or nothing to do with it. "Right..." She mumbled to herself, "That's going to be hard..." She continued.

"Well, maybe you should've never let him make a move in the first place....unless it's something you actually wanted and just won't admit to yourself." He crossed his arms behind his head and gave yet another nod. Man, he was some sort of genius advice giver.

Oh, damn it. She muttered to herself, in some sort of mixture of German and English. Wearily, Lady wrung her hands, thinking to herself. And she would never admit it was true, that statement, "I'm not about to say..." All she wanted was to be held by her mother – yet, she wasn't here.

"Ugh, I'll try...."

This caused Zack to scratch his head. The youth of today acted like this was so hard. "Don't make it seem like a chore, you sound like you're about to go put moves on a pile of stinky trash bags or something."

Lady sighed loudly, dramatically even, pulling her head up, "It isn't a chore, you know...it's hard for me to do...since I don't know what the hell I'm doing!" A bad excuse and Lady knew it. So, she continued again, trying to cover herself, "I'm probably no good at...anything. Never kissed anyone before and lo and behold, someone's interested in me out here, no mater how much distance I create."

Stubborn bastard.

"It isn't hard, you know." Why, Zack remembered his first time some, he was, of course, a natural. "Hmmmm....you probably wouldn't want to practice simple kissing huh? Maybe try a pillow or something?" He chuckled some, since he found it so funny whenever he watched people do that in movies.

Uh huh. Something about offering a practice kiss to Lady, when she was so particular about maintaining space and comfort, it made her really uneasy. Too uneasy. "Practice kissing?" Lady raised an eyebrow. It was hard, at least for her. Hell, explaining it – he wouldn't get it. "...That won't change a thing."

"Probably not, I was just looking for a free kiss." He laughed to himself and gave her a wave. "Well, I think you should go talk to him, even if it's on the Network." He started walking away.

"I got a few things I need to get to doing though."

A sigh of relief came out of Lady. God, maybe sometimes Lady was too sheltered and too much of a prude, "Yeah, okay," Lady answered back in a noncommittal tone. Turning around, she was starting to carry no regret for the sidebar conversation...it may have made her uncomfortable, but it cleared her mind a bit.

Zack snapped his fingers suddenly and turned back around. "Oh, and quit pretending! See ya!" He then ran off around a corner and disappeared.

Eventually, Lady rolled her eyes at that comment, sulking off up to the steps of the building.

Stupid men.