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by Fa Mulan (glory_seeker)
at September 9th, 2006 (12:48 am)

Who: Yuffie and Vincent
When: Let's say... Last night.
Where: Seventh Heaven
What: Yuffie trying to keep Vincent awake.
Warnings: None

Vincent sat on the bed in his room, staring blankly at the ceiling. His head was swimming with various thoughts from recent things, not knowing what to really do about Yuffie. He sighed as his eyes slowly closed; he was so very tired, and his mind was so weak.

He needed....to....rest it....

He suddenly sat up like a shot, the odd building from last time appearing before him. He looked around him as it snowed about him. Was he asleep yet again? He sighed and stood, watching the entrance of the building as the pain in his chest flared back up, as bad as ever before.

As soon as she'd realized there was nothing she could do for Rei, Yuffie had put her in one of the guest rooms and promptly headed up to Vincent's room.

And... Of course he was sleeping. Damn, that was just her luck. The ninja hesitated and then hurried over, shaking Vincent as hard as she could. Maybe he wasn't having a nightmare. Maybe he was okay. Everything would be okay, right? But Rei had said that they never woke up...

"Vinnie! Come on, you've gotta get up!"

He heard her, and this caused him to look around. "Hm?" He looked to the entrance yet again and spotted Yuffie, waving him over. She was trying to say something, but for some reason, he couldn't hear her. He just had to step closer to her, that was all. That was what he did too, moving closer to her. "I....was so wrong." He said softly, the sleeping Vincent speaking these words out loud as he unknowingly frowned.

She blinked, stopping for a minute to stare at him. Okay, so he was dreaming. Not good. "Vinnie, wake up before I kill you!" She said loudly, shaking his shoulder again. "Come on! I'm not kidding!"

He did hear that, though he thought it was the Yuffie he was seeing before him saying it. "Kill me?.......You have every right to." He paused, not but a few feet away from her. He sighed and looked down.

Yuffie growled in annoyance, thwaping him on the head instead. "Vincent! This isn't funny! Wake up!" Leviathan, this wasn't gonna work, was it?

To the Dream Vincent, the thwap was made to be a small rock Yuffie threw at him to get his attention again. He shook his head and eyed her. "When you hugged me, it went away....I miss your touch." He shook his head again as the pain flared up.

"Oh my God, Vincent, if you don't wake up..." Yuffie snapped, the panic rising in her voice. What was she supposed to do? After a moment, Yuffie plopped down on his stomach as hard as she could.

Vincent's eyes widened as he was jolted from his sleep, the one Yuffie disappearing as he saw the other one on top of him in some sort of way. He had dreamt again, and this time, he was brought back by having the wind knocked out of him.

Was it steadily getting harder to wake up?

And Yuffie promptly hugged Vincent, not worried about pretending to hate him anymore. She got off of his stomach (it wouldn't be good to suffocate him, would it?) and announced, "You have to stay awake from now on."

The hug caught him off guard too, but he easily recovered, though he resumed laying down. "How?" Was the first thing he said, since it was pretty obvious why he was supposed to.

She shrugged, shaking her head. "I dunno, I'll help you or something. But she said... Hey, sit up! I don't want you slipping off again." She was lucky to have woken him up at all.

She probably was lucky to have woke him up, especially since he thought it was her he saw. "I saw you." He told her calmly, sitting up and clutching his chest despite telling himself he wouldn't do it around Yuffie.

Yuffie blinked, staring at him. "You saw me? What do you mean? ...Hey, you okay?" Was the pain dangerous, too? Obviously it hurt, but would it kill him?

"You....were calling me to you, to the building I see everytime. I wanted to...." He looked down and shook his head. "What I wanted is not important." As for the pain, there was no way he could really lie about it. She had knocked the wind out of him, plus he just woke up....so he was feeling something.

She was silent and then hugged him tightly, snuggling closer to him. There was still a part of her that claimed she was the biggest idiot ever, but it was getting easier and easier to push away. "I don't hate you," she told him softly.

Vincent looked down at her and put an arm slowly around her. "You should." He replied just as softly.

Yuffie shrugged. "I know, but..." She trailed off and then looked up at him. "She said that if you go to sleep, you might... You might never wake up."

"It would not be the first time I sleep for my sins." In fact, it made sense to him. It seemed as though his fate was to sleep forever, haunted by memories....haunted by his mistakes.

The ninja shook her head quickly, pulling herself closer. "No! I don't want you to." Why did he always punish himself like this?

"Sleeping is far too natural for me to ignore." He pointed out in his casual tone, though he liked how she seemed to be worry. The pain was also going away just a little bit more.

"But... She said..." Okay, well, what was she supposed to do now? What if he went to sleep and never woke up like that woman said he would? "You have a weird tattoo, don't you...?"

"I do." Did she talk to that girl he met not so long ago? Yuffie was mentioning a 'she' quite often.

"Then you can't go to sleep. I won't let you." Yuffie was in stubborn mode now, resting her head against him.

"I assume you will somehow keep me busy then?" He was good about staying awake for days, but even he needed to rest every now and then. His mind was getting weak as well, and that was never a good thing.

She nodded again, glancing up at him. "Uh-huh! Of course! I'll figure out something."

She seemed so sure of her statement, or was that just a small hope? "Hm."

Yuffie poked Vincent in the ribs. "I will. I'm the one that gets bored super easy, remember?"

Vincent sighed and just nodded silently as the pain flared back up in his chest. She was right back to acting normal, and that only made him feel more guilty for what he did.

She looked up at him, ready to thwap him on the head again. "Are you gonna start brooding?"

He shook his head and put his other arm around her, resting his head on her shoulder as he let out a low sigh. He supposed he should try not too, it would probably only make his mind weaker, and that was never a good thing, especially now.

Yuffie snuggled against him and nodded. "Good! So, er... We should find something to do, huh?" It wouldn't be good to doze off out of boredom.

"Mmmhmm." He murmured, giving her neck a kiss before his head snapped up and he moved away from her, standing up weakly. "I....." He hung his head. "Sorry about that." He mumbled, the pain flaring up big time.

She'd tensed up as soon as he kissed her, pulling her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around him as soon as he stood. "Er, um... I-it's okay," she managed, blushing. But it was obvious he was in pain, so she shook her head quickly and looked down. "No, really! It's fine! Don't worry about it!"

"Are you sure? I....should not have....Are we even....?" Oh, he felt so confused, and his mind felt like it was blurring everything together. He put a hand to his head.

Yuffie shook her head. God, she didn't know either. But he really really didn't look like he was in good shape, so she was immediately at his side, resting a hand on his arm. "You've gotta relax, Vinnie, okay?"

He looked down at her arm, feeling slightly better, but not much. Wincing, he reached out with his good hand and cupped her cheek, running his thumb along it. He felt a bit better, his wince gone as he looked at her. "...." He didn't know what to say to her.

She could've sworn her heart skipped a beat when he did that, but she tried to ignore it as best she could. After a moment or so of silence she looked up at him and said, "Hey, Vinnie? You won't laugh at me if I tell you something, right?"

He arched a brow, as if the word laugh was in his vocabulary, much less something he ever did. Instead of verbally replying to such a crazy question, he nodded.

Yuffie nodded, hesitating for a moment before rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet and looking down at the ground. "I'm kind of... Really really scared," she admitted quietly.

He pulled away his hand and watched her for a moment. "....Of what?"

Well, wasn't that kind of obvious? "Er... Of... Of you ever doing that again."

Yuffie blinked, eyes narrowing slightly. "W-what? I never said that! Where did that come from?"

"It is implied." He shook his head some and looked to the side of him, at the wall. "It is fine."

"No, it isn't!" She blinked and shrugged slightly. "Well... Maybe, but I didn't... I mean, er... You can touch me. It's just..." Lots of stuttering and tripping over her words, hm?

"You do not sound sure, so I will refrain from doing so." He gave a short nod to the wall and turned his head to look at her.

"No! I just mean... Oh, I don't know what I mean." She sighed and ran a hand through her hair in frustration. "I am sure, I'm just... Scared? Nervous?" Another short sigh and she straightened out her legs, not really knowing what to say.

He didn't really know what to say either, as he hung his head, eyes drooping slightly. "Mmm...."

And Yuffie took this as him dozing off, so she promptly jumped up and wrapped her arms around him from behind. "H-hey! Stay awake! I don't care if you touch me, okay?"

He blinked his eyes open and looked over his shoulder at her, not saying anything. She was probably just saying that because he was in pain, and this made him wince, though he made sure he turned his head away, so she couldn't see him.

God, she hated feeling helpless, and that was exactly how she felt right then. "Well... What do you want me to say?" She asked shakily. Of course, Yuffie figured that that only made her sound even weaker and mentally kicked herself.

"It doesn't matter, does it?" He asked, taking her arms from around him and moving away from her. He sat down on the bed, the nice, comfortable bed, and sighed to himself.

The ninja plopped down on the floor, crossing her legs Indian style and looking down. "Stop saying that. It does matter. You know it does."

He didn't respond, he didn't know how to, really. It did matter, and her assurance that it did caused his already see-sawing pain to lighten up a little.

She risked a glance at him and then bit her lip. "'Cause I still want you to be happy, you know." Maybe adding would make him talk? Or something?

"I want the same for you." He told her, laying back on the bed to gaze at the ceiling. "What would please you?"

Yuffie thought about this for a moment and then nodded, mostly to herself. "For you to be happy and not cursed. Or whatever this is. And for you to not blame yourself for everything." That was it, right? "Oh, yeah. And for you not to cheat on me," she added quickly.

"...." He just stared up at the ceiling and blinked, not replying to what she said, at least, not yet. The last part that she added was more than likely a jab at him, though he deserved it. As for blaming himself, she blamed him as well, so why couldn't he also do so?

It wasn't really... Okay, so it was. She got up, plopping down on the bed beside him and saying, "If you promise... Cross your heart and totally mean it... Then I'm happy."

"....You would not trust me even if I said so." He pointed out, even though he knew he didn't have to do so. Yuffie knew well enough that she would have big trouble trusting him anytime soon, if ever again.

That was completely true, but still... "Well, maybe, but it'd be a start, right?" She said after a moment, picking at a loose thread in the comforter.

"It would....but you deserve more time to dwell on this, don't allow me being in pain to cloud your judgment." He was sure if things were otherwise, she wouldn't be acting like this.

Okay, very true. She'd probably still be in the hate stage but... "I don't like seeing you in pain," she muttered.

"I don't want you making a choice that you have not thought out." It was as simple as that, really.

"I wasn't going to," she shot back quickly, even though she kind of was.

He knew she was, which was why he didn't respond to what seemed like an awful defensive way for Yuffie to say otherwise.

So Yuffie stayed silent too, working on that loose thread instead of looking at him. But that woman said that she should talk to him...

Was it a bad idea to come here? It seemed like it was. Why did he let her convince him? Did he really want her to forgive him, or was it just easier for her to hate him and ignore him?

Yuffie wanted to forgive him. Really she did! But it just... She'd forgiven him a little, but not completely. It would take time, right? She'd forgive him. Eventually. "Er... Are you feeling better?"

"Not really." Which was true, the conversation was only going so well, and it seemed to be the same for him as well. Was the pain somehow connected with how things were going, or was it something else? He needed to think about that, or just ask one of those two girls about it....they seemed to know quite a bit.

She sighed and laid down next to him. Turning her head to look at him, she promptly blinked and said, "Anything I can do?"

Ah, there were a lot of answers to that question, and as if saying that, he blinked a couple of times and kept his eyes silently on the ceiling, not wanting to answer.

Okay, that really wasn't helping at all. She bit her lip and then touched his arm, as if afraid to do anything else. "I don't want to lose you. Kind of dumb, huh? Considering, I mean..."

He sighed and just gave a nod, though it was sort of hard to know exactly what it was he was nodding to. He moved his arm away from her, assuming that she had no desire to touch something so unclean.

Awkward. He was just brooding again, right? So Yuffie simply reached out and grabbed his hand, holding it tightly. "Stop that," she told him softly.

Was she still his ninja then? He turned his head and looked at her, appreciative of her attempts to show him that he needed to stop dwelling so much.

Was she? Yuffie didn't even know that herself. Maybe? Maybe they were still together, but just... Taking it slower? Or something? Yuffie shook her head as if to clear it and then looked at him again. "You gonna stop being weird now?" She asked with a weak smile.

"If I did, I would never be me." He pointed out, following it with a nod.

She laughed a little and nodded as well. "That would suck."

"Perhaps." He said lowly, watching her small laugh and feeling better from that alone. Soon he would figure this problem of his out, and though it seemed obvious, he didn't want to assume anything yet.

"I still say you owe me ice cream," she said, smiling at him again. "Green tea. Or chocolate. No, green tea is better."

"Is green tea even a real flavor?" He questioned curiously, arching a brow.

She nodded quickly. "Of course! I saw it at this ice cream place in Upper Desai." She pulled herself a little closer so she could nudge him properly. "You should get me some."

Green tea ice cream didn't sound very appealing to the gunman, but he gave Yuffie a nod in response anyway. He would have to see this flavor for himself, anyway.

But it was Yuffie. She'd like weird, nasty things like that. The ninja was silent for a few moments before saying, "My dad's favorite is Blue Moon. I hate it. Dunno how he could stand it. Mom's was chocolate." Random, but it was better than silence.

"I don't have a favorite....I do not care for ice cream." He never saw the big deal with ice cream, even back in his younger Wutai days, though it intrigued him when he first came across it. If he remembered correctly, chocolate was the first flavor Yuffie's mom actually tasted.

Which Yuffie didn't know, and if he told her she'd probably look at him like he was insane. "How can you not like ice cream?"

He shrugged some, a sense of deja vu falling over him. "I never have." Perhaps he just didn't see the big deal about it?

The ninja mimicked him and shrugged, nudging him almost playfully. Maybe she was hoping it'd help take his mind of the pain. "Whatever. Dork. What sweets do you like, then?"

"You have enough energy to make up for candy....so I would say I do not have one." Or he was saying that she was his favorite sweet.

She nodded, smiling at him again. "'Kay. Favorite food?" God, keeping him awake was going to be tedious, huh?

"Food." He replied, not having any real favorite of that either. Why label a favorite for something you needed to survive on, anyway?

Because some things tasted better than others? She rolled her eyes, still smiling slightly, and said, "Okay. Favorite color."

He looked himself up and down and lifted both of his eyebrows to her. "....Are you serious?"

Yuffie burst out laughing and shrugged. "Hey, you could have been emo and said black."

"Emo is an insult to me." It wasn't like he asked to be the way he was. Of course he had advantages over quite a few people due to his past, but he would very much like to be the way he used to be.

"I was kidding," she told him, ruffling his hair. She was pretty much ignoring the fact that she was acting completely normal again. "Hm... Um... I dunno... Favorite animal?"

Why were these questions so hard to answer? "Sharks...." It was better than saying Galian Beast.

"Sharks?" She hadn't seen that one coming. "Okay... Um... Er..." Yuffie had run out of questions. Dammit.

"Tell me all of your's...." He said, ignoring her question about sharks. It was the first thing he could think of....Now that he thought about it, owls sounded much better.

"You should know my favorite color. Green. Annnd my favorite animal is... I dunno. Something fancy. Do dragons count? Sure. Erm... I dunno." Rambling again. That was apparently Yuffie's job now.

Green was pretty obvious, and he already did know it....he was just making conversation. Apparently they had nothing to talk about, so maybe they weren't so tightly knit after all?

Maybe? Well, there wasn't much to talk about. Everything seemed to turn to the whole cheating thing which was not good. After a moment or so she stretched and then said, "I haven't seen Hotaru in a long time."

"....So?" He asked coldly, not wanting to sound mean, but it was best that he kept away from the little girl. When the two of them got too close....bad things happened.

Yuffie blinked, turning to look at him. "So... Why do you hate her so much?" If anything, shouldn't he feel a sort of kinship with her?

"When we get around each other....bad things happen." He paused for a moment and looked at the ceiling once more. "Or did you forget what happened last time?"

She bit her lip and shrugged. "Well yeah, but you don't have to hate her," she replied, stifling a yawn. Damn, this was going to be harder than she'd thought.

"I don't...." He insisted softly, shaking his head and looking back at her.

"Good. I think she's afraid you do," the ninja told him, smiling a little. "You feeling okay?"

He shrugged at her first bit, and moved slightly closer to her. "A little....does it matter? Or are you jsut trying to keep me up?"

She shook her head quickly, pulling herself against him hesitantly and saying, "No, it does matter! I was mad, but... I still don't want to see you in pain." Wait, was mad? Yuffie kicked herself for that. Well... Was she still mad? After a moment or so the ninja decided that, no, not really. She was more hurt than mad now. Was that a good thing?

He put his forehead against her own and sighed. "I see." He mumbled, pulling his head back slightly and gazing into her eyes.

Yuffie smiled weakly and kept herself from looking away. God, she hated this. "You'll be okay, right?" She said, trying to sound as cheerful as possible.

"Only....when I'm close to you...." He murmured, moving his head close enough to where his lips barely brushed hers as he spoke. "Like now." He whispered.

She could've sworn her heart skipped a beat, but she didn't move away. Proof enough that Vincent didn't disgust her like he seemed to think, hm? Yuffie nodded weakly at this, closing her eyes and replying with a pretty pathetic, "I'm glad."

As he looked into her stormy grays, his pain seemed to go down considerably, and when he pressed his lips gently to hers, it went away even more, if that were possible.

This only managed to fluster Yuffie, but after a second's hesitation, she kissed him back, the part of her she'd been ignoring so far bugging her again.

Vincent pulled away slightly after a couple of more seconds to look at her again. "....Should I have done that?" He asked softly, brushing his lips against hers once more.

She didn't respond at first, simply resting her forehead against his and smiling slightly. "Maybe not, but I didn't mind."