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Tomoe Hotaru [userpic]
by Tomoe Hotaru (marienkind)
at September 13th, 2006 (07:18 pm)

Who: Hotaru and her 'sleeping self'
What: Third personality appearing!
When: Evening
Where: Manor of Sleep/Real world
Warnings: I don't think so. Although there's a Manga reference, I highly doubt it HAS spoilers =/

It was musty again outside, complete with lit drizzle, cold and damp. And well, anyone wouldn’t want to venture out, maybe if you like that sort of weather. Hotaru was sitting at the edge of the windowsill, the bay window, looking out. Everything else inside the old house was quiet, if not for occasional creeks and Kaori walking in and out of the kitchen so often. Father’s down in the basement again, Hotaru thought resting her head on her knees, almost curled up in her seat. Yes, Tomoe would sink down there, at least giving her a fair warning to what he was doing, but never to say what he was doing.

But now? He was becoming slightly reclusive...even for himself. Kaori in her classic fashion was lurking in the living room doorway, settling those grey eyes on Hotaru, while passing more of her bright red hair over her shoulder. Even from there, Hotaru could sense her, feeling a strange cold sensation on the back of her head, “What are you doing?” Hotaru snapped testily, knowing full well she was staring at her.

“Shouldn’t you be heading off for bed?” Kaori returned the testy comment with nearly a sneer. While Hotaru purposely stalled at least two minutes, she slipped off from her seat, having her bare feet walk across the cold floor. Just as she was slipping by, Hotaru resisted the urge to keep arguing with her care giver. It was still very quiet, as Hotaru was going down the dark hallway, not bothering with the lights, with her room down at the end of the hallway. But...it was oddly...cold up here. It wasn’t cold down stairs, that was for certain since cold air traveled down stairs more often.

She settled, stopped completely while wringing her little hands together, shivering from the temperature change. Whatever it was, Hotaru was sure to brush it off, passing by a mirror that lingered in the hallway - an old one at that.


The small girl stopped almost immediately, hearing it clear as day - someone calling out her name from behind. Unwillingly, Hotaru backtracked, quite literally, with a few steps, refusing to look back. Something...unnerved her. The chill had dropped again, having turn around to glance down the hallway, Hotaru nearly cried out in surprise seeing some sort of ghostly image in the mirror. That was, however, halted by Hotaru covering her mouth.


She couldn’t make it out well enough, even from a few feet away, but the image had moved, as if it was shifting in it’s feet. Anyone would be afraid of seeing an image so suddenly. Hotaru could even see her breath escape her lungs, having her bare feet track across what seem to be bare floor, slowly yet ever so carefully as if the ground itself was so delicate, over to the mirror. As her eyes settled on the clear image, Hotaru became slowly aware, rather sure that she was dreaming or maybe even seeing things under an oncoming seizure, like so often.

It...almost look like her, but the image of herself was dressed differently, like those fukus the girls wore back in her native Japan. Hotaru herself never looked so cold, so void of any sort emotion. Having nearly the same eyes boring down on her, far cold than her own. Hotaru honestly had to stand there a few moments, trying to keep her face square, but as her eyebrows lifted, knitting into worry, it became clear to her that this was no ordinary reflection...

“Don’t be afraid,” The image spoke, hands and arms at her side, while Hotaru was trying to slid away in the cold dark. She didn’t notice the change in scenery, down to the dilapidated hallway that was now here.

It was on the tip of her tongue, barely audible the first time Hotaru broke her sudden dry mouth to speak, “W-who...are you?” Hotaru asked the second time, still very quiet but hopefully enough to hear. She might have ran it all together out of fear, but...

The image or entity, whomever she was, heard perfectly, almost expecting it. Oh, how Hotaru had such a tough road ahead of her, “I am the sleeping you,” She told her honestly, with a hand barely out.

Well. That was something. Hotaru’s lips quivered in confusion, not so much fear now. Tilting her head to the side in examination, her violet eyes were peering in the...supposed reflection of herself. The sleeping her? Would that make sense? Between all the weird incidents? Hotaru never felt so alone, even when she was. “The sleeping me?”

“Yes,” The entity spoke, the now established ‘sleeping’ Hotaru. “I am the sleeping you. We share the same body, Hotaru, along with someone else. That is why you are here, in this dream state as of now. I’ve come to wake you up from your dream.”

“A....dream?” Hotaru stammered, trying to get it all together in her head. The atsmophere was now visible to Hotaru, the cold area, so she wasn’t just standing in front of an old mirror, but a musty house, with the image of herself, only in these strange clothing.

“It’s a dream,” She affirmed with a nod, but continuing quickly, “Others have been pulled in here as well,” The dramatic pause was to let Hotaru observe around her, this snowy, run down part of the...Manor of Sleep.

“It’s time for you to wake up. For us to wake up.”

“W-why? What...do you mean?”

The image was starting to fade, the image of Hotaru, so she placed on finger on Hotaru’s forehead, lighting up the insignia buried behind her hair. “Because if you don’t, the other sleeping being inside you will only grow more powerful.”

Another shock on Hotaru’s face – another sleeping being? Hotaru’s mind was racing with questions now, unsure what to think or what to say to this image.

“...B-but...this being...it–“

“Has harmed others and this place will drag you down further, as it will with many other people.”

She couldn’t explain to the younger version of herself, Hotaru, time was fading, so...Her body was fading more, up until those cold eyes, “With the blessings of Saturn, you must wake up...to become the Senshi of Destruction.” And just as quick as she appeared, she was gone.

“Wake up from this nightmare.”