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Thirty years ago, there was a fierce battle raging within the boundaries of the city known as Desai. Though unknown to most the inhabitants of the relatively plain world, at the final climax of this epic and untold battle, it would forever change life there forever.

On September 30th, 1976, a mysterious blast of light emitting through the darkening skies ripped a series of rippling pools of light that stood like large doorways throughout the city. It would be later discovered that these pools of light were indeed light doors, leading out to multiple worlds unlike, and like, their own.

The last thirty years have been spent learning how to perfectly manipulate the portals, and bridge the gaps between worlds, both literally and metaphorically. Being a central-point--a centralized port, of sorts--for inter-dimensional travel, Desai has exploded into a hyper-advanced city offering opportunities for education and business not found anywhere else in the network of worlds registered with the Multi-Dimensional Exploration Agency's [MDEA] Travel Agency. Inter-world negotiations are held here, and the massive city is constantly changing in an attempt to accomodate the influx of residents and travelers that continues to grow in rate due to MDEA's constant efforts to expand the network of registered worlds.

MDEA and Desai law enforcement have strict rules about residents and visitors attempting to leave Desai's borders, to explore other areas of Desai's world. No straight answer as to why has been given, other than doing so is far too dangerous, and those that oppose this particular rule are arrested immediately and taken to court for a suitable punishment to be ruled out. But beyond this, travel between worlds is as simple as visiting the MDEA Travel Agency and purchasing a ticket; no different than going to the airport to catch a flight out of the country (even if portal travel is accomplished through monorail transit).

What is your character's purpose in Desai? Business? Education? Politics? Sanctuary? It's all up to you.

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